Notice to Mortgage Account holders;

Important Notice from 19th February 2018

As referenced in previous correspondence received by you, Danske has ceased to be responsible for the performance and / or enforcement of the Finance Agreements from the Transfer Date. As of the 19th February 2018, Danske has also ceased to have a servicing role with respect to the Finance Agreements and any transitional servicing function provided by it to facilitate the transfer of the Finance Agreements to Pepper has now terminated.

Danske Bank A/S trading as Danske Bank (“Danske”) wish to advise you that Danske has entered into an agreement to transfer a loan portfolio which includes Home Loans and Buy-to-Let loans to Pepper Finance Corporation (Ireland) DAC (the “New Lender”).

It is currently intended that the transfer of ownership of the loan portfolio will take place on or after 15 December 2017 (the “Transfer Date”). 

Danske has written to all customers whose mortgage(s) is (are) included in the loan portfolio which transferred.  If you are concerned that your loan is included in the loan portfolio being transferred and you have not received a letter, or if you have received a letter and have any queries, please contact Pepper Asset Servicing on 1890 923 346 (or +353 61 236 852 if outside the Republic of Ireland) from Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.. 


How does this affect Mortgage customers?

Customers should note that:

  • day to day management of accounts remains with the Pepper Asset Servicing – Danske Team, who will continue to manage the loans on behalf of Danske until further notice;
  • there is no change to the customers  obligations as a result of this transfer to the New Lender.  All obligations remain due and owing to Danske until the Transfer Date. After the Transfer Date all obligations will be owing to the New Lender.

Who is Pepper Finance Corporation (Ireland) DAC?

Pepper Finance Corporation (Ireland) DAC will be the new lender in respect of the accounts from the Transfer Date and all obligations in respect of your Account(s) will be owing to them from that date. 

Pepper Finance Corporation (Ireland) DAC will hold the benefit of your Account(s) on trust for the benefit of Proteus Funding DAC (the “Beneficiary”).

Pepper Finance Corporation (Ireland) DAC is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.

​Customers in financial difficulty

Danske continue to work with customers who are in financial difficulty in line with existing policy and our obligations under codes of conduct issued by the Central Bank of Ireland. Danske are fully committed to continuing to support customers experiencing financial hardship. If you have any queries regarding this letter or otherwise wish to contact us, please call us on 1890 923 346 (or +353 61 236 852 if outside the Republic of Ireland) from Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.  

Account Closures 

On 31st October 2013 Danske Bank announced the closure of personal and business banking operations in the Republic of Ireland. Impacted account holders were written to and impacted accounts closed. Account(s) functionality was permanently removed on the Termination Date(s) advised to customers. 

With effect from June 2014, Pepper Asset Servicing have taken over the day to day servicing of Credit Cards, Mortgages and Personal Loans.

If you have a credit balance remaining with Danske Bank post your Termination Date(s), this will be returned to you on request, by completing and posting the attached.