Managing your Finances

Liquidity crisis, financial crisis, economic crisis, recession... The current economic situation has many names, but what impact is it having on your personal finances? For many it means having to manage debt. Even small changes in your circumstances can result in huge pressure on your finances, and huge pressure on you as you try to cope with this new challenge and worry.

But you have options and there are solutions. Below are some useful hints, tips and suggestions to help you get on top of your finances. The most important thing is to talk to us and any other lenders early if you are worried about your debts so we can give you as much help as possible. Together we can help you get back in control.

Danske Bank appointed Pepper Asset Servicing (Pepper) to provide the day to day administration and servicing in relation to mortgage and loans with Danske Bank. Any customers effected as a result of the appointment of Pepper Asset Servicing received written communication regarding details of the revised arrangement.

The servicing arrangement does not affect the terms and conditions applicable to mortgages and/or loans which remain due and owing to Danske Bank.

Danske Bank’s policy for customers in financial difficulties is unaffected by this announcement.

If you would like to discuss your arrears situation with us, set up a repayment schedule or if you have any questions please call Pepper Asset Servicing on 1890 923 346 (or +353 61 236 852 if outside the Republic of Ireland). ​​​

Danske Bank are committed to working with borrowers who face genuine difficulty in maintaining mortgage repayments as a result of changes in financial circumstances.
The Banking & Payments Federation of Ireland ("BPFI") have compiled the attached guide to assist you in dealing with financial difficulties.

Important information to help people in mortgage arrears


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Contact Pepper Asset Servicing

1890 923 346 (or +353 61 236 852 if outside the Republic of Ireland)

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Helping you to manage debt

Mortgage repayment difficulties
Mortgage repayment difficulties
The four step process to help customers whose mortgage is in arrears or is at risk of going into arrears.

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Help with your finances
Help with your finances
Examine your monthly income and expenditure to ensure you are managing your finances effectively.

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Dealing with debt
Dealing with debt
Debt can become difficult to manage at certain times. Contact us and together we can look at the best solution for you. 
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Other support available to you
Other support available to you

It can be hard to know where to turn when you are in financial difficulty, here is a list of agencies that can offer you help and guidance.

Useful agencies