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Want to transfer funds to a payee abroad? eBanking is the simple and cheapest solution. Alternatively you can do this over the phone.​
Transfers to other accounts
  • Sending money abroad is cheaper and quicker if you do it yourself through eBanking.
  • Regular payee information can be stored.
  • You can make your payments anytime of the day or night with eBanking.
  • You decide how the charges are split between yourself and the payee with some exceptions due to regulations *.

How long does it take?
Standard payments will take up to three working days to be credited depending on the currency being sent *. If a payment is marked as urgent, we will process it more quickly than standard payments. However, we cannot guarantee that the payment will arrive in the foreign account by a particular date.

*Please refer to our International Products & Services brochure.

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