Budget Calculator

Welcome to the Danske Bank Budget Calculator.

Many people tell us they feel unsure about how to work out a picture of their finances so we have created this calculator tool for anyone to use. All you need to do is, look at the amount of money you are being paid or spending on each of the different types of things, and fill in the amounts in the empty boxes. Then press calculate and the calculator will give you a figure at the end that will tell you realistically how much money you have to use for saving up, investing, or buying something else.

If you end up with a negative figure you are currently spending more than you earn so you should look to either reduce your spending or increase the amount you earn.

The calculator tool is not linked to any bank system so no one can see the information or use it in any way - it is purely there to help you. If you see that you are spending a large amount in any particular area you may want to look at this area to see if you can reduce the costs in any way.​​​

Budget calculator
  1. This is a useful budgeting calculator to help you get a better overview of your finances.

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