Security and fraud protection

Danske Bank’s Business eBanking has a high level of security. We want to outline what our security systems do and what you can do to minimise the risk of online fraud.

Security and Fraud Protection 

Security and Fraud Prevention


How we protect you.

Danske Bank’s security systems for Business eBanking protect your communications with Danske Bank and ensure that:

  • We can identify you before we transmit confidential information about your online business banking.
  • Your company’s data is identified and transmitted in such a way that no unauthorised persons can get access to it through Business eBanking.
  • Encryption will protect your data so that no unauthorised persons can read the data transmitted between your browser and Danske Bank.
  • Financially binding transactions are authenticated electronically so that data cannot be tampered with during transmission between your browser and Danske Bank

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Secure Your Business 
How to protect your business

Protect your business against fraud.

Danske Bank uses the most advanced security mechanisms to protect you, but to keep the high level of security and avoid fraud attempts you should use all available security features within Business eBanking.

How to protect your business


Tips to avoid
common threats.

Fraud attempts vary a lot and are constantly changing. In this section you can read more about the most common threats, so you can be prepared and avoid them.

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Tips to avoid common threats 
Suspicio of Misuse and Fraud  

Suspicion of misuse
or fraud?

If you suspect that your Business eBanking access has been or is being misused, please call us immediately on +353 (01) 6550200*.

*Lines open: 8am to 8pm Mon-Thurs 8am-5pm Fri 9am-5pm Sat 9am-8pm Sun (except on bank holidays or other holidays in Ireland when the bank is not open for business).

How to report fraud