Markets Online

Do you need to keep track of exchange rates and the financial news? Markets Online gives you a clear overview of current market rates and Dow Jones news items.
  • With Markets Online, you can quickly and easily trade major currencies at a time that suits you on business banking days
  • Access to market information - you will find exchange rates, interest rates, equity and bond prices. You also get access to news from Dow Jones, financial research information and much more
  • Secure Trading - you can decide which of your employees should have permission to trade. Transactions are approved with a digital signature
  • Markets Online gives you an overview of your positions and offers you current market valuations.


With Markets Online, you can trade in Foreign Exchange (spot, forward and swap). Applicable permissions will need to be in place prior to trading, please contact your adviser for further information.

Market information
You get access to information on Foreign Exchange, Financing and Investments. You can set up your own watch lists with the market information that your business needs. Rates and prices are in real time. You have access to:

  • News from Dow Jones
  • Financial research with the Bank's forecasts for exchange and interest rates
  • Current and historical exchange rates
  • Current and historical interest rates
  • Current and historical securities prices and market prices.

Overview of positions
Your positions overview shows the financial transactions you have made with the Bank. The overview shows:

  • Spot transactions
  • Forward contracts
  • FX options

You can also see a historical overview of your positions based on prices and open transactions on a given date. For forward contracts and FX options, you can retrieve a list of expiry and maturity dates for your future transactions.

Please note that this service may be temporarily unavailable when we are carrying out routine maintenance.

Important Information

You must hold a Business Current Account in order to have Business eBanking.

Fees for this service vary dependent on your requirements, for a full listing of our fees and charges please see our Corporates and Institutions Fees and Charges brochure.

For further information please see our Terms and Conditions for Business eBanking.​​​​

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