Collection Service

With the Collection Service module, you can arrange to collect payments from your local and international customers through Direct Debit.
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Collection Service is well suited to companies that collect regular payments from customers, both businesses and individuals.

What are the advantages of Collection Service?

  • Your company can collect payments from customers electronically
  • Direct Debit collection is managed from one place
  • Single Direct Debit collections can be set up online
  • Multiple Direct Debit collections can be collected using a range of files in various formats
  • Processes are simplified, and there is less administration

System Customisation

You can customise Collection Service to suit your company’s needs and gain access to:

  • Direct Debit
  • Electronic invoicing (only available in Denmark, Sweden and Finland)
  • Paper invoicing – outsourcing your paper invoicing


Collection solutions in Collection Service
Direct debit means you can receive your customers' payments directly into your company's bank account by becoming a Local Direct Debit originator. We offer local direct debit in Ireland, the UK, Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Collection Service can also be used to collect payments using SEPA Direct Debit in Euro across the 33 SEPA countries.

International collection
For collections abroad, you can send an international invoice.

At present, electronic invoicing is only possible in Denmark, Sweden and Finland. Collection Service automatically adjusts the invoicing to the different countries. You can find out more about Collections on the Danske Bank site.

Important information

You must hold a Business Current Account in order to have Business eBanking.

Fees for this service vary dependent on your requirements, for a full listing of our fees and charges please see our Corporates and Institutions Fees and Charges brochure.

For further information please see our Terms and Conditions for Business eBanking.​​​​

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