Corporate Platinum

Mastercard Corporate Platinum card is ideal for professionals with frequent business-related travel. The card will give you access to business lounges around the world.

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Mastercard Corporate Platinum is our most prestigious corporate card, offering complimentary access to airport lounges for you and a guest.

Benefits include:

 The Mastercard Corporate Platinum card is an internationally recognised corporate card that you can use as a charge card and a cash card. It offers emergency replacement of the card or cash and can make travelling - for both business and pleasure - more secure and comfortable.

Individual card limits: Each card can have its own individual limit so you control spending on each card within the account.

A single itemised statement: Issued monthly, a single itemised account statement details all expenditure by each card.

Track expenditure at any time of the day: All transactions can be viewed through Business eBanking

Lounge access: The Mastercard Corporate Platinum card gives you access to the world’s largest lounge programme, Priority Pass, which is accepted at over 700 airport lounges around the world. As a cardholder you and one guest will enjoy complimentary access. All additional guests will attract a charge to your card account of €20 per visit.

The annual fee for this card is €125.

Features include:

Every month, you will receive a statement covering all the transactions on the account. Depending on the date of travel, the invoice might include transactions before, during and after the journey. This makes it easy for your staff to complete their travel expense claims.

All payments are gathered together, so you receive one overall invoice instead of many invoices from separate suppliers. In addition, you benefit from a longer credit period.

Repayment in full is required each month.

Monitor your card activity
With a Mastercard Corporate card, you can monitor your card account in the same way as your other accounts in Business eBanking. This means that you can keep track of transactions debited to the cards, and check the balance available on the account.

Protection against misuse
Once you inform us in writing that your card is missing, you are no longer liable for any further transactions charged to your account*. If your card is misused before you notify us, you are only liable for up to €50 of any transactions.

Additional benefits include:


Important information

Exchange rate
The exchange rate that will be applied to any transaction (or refund thereof) that needs to be converted into euro will be based on the exchange rate set by the card scheme (Mastercard) at the time that the transaction (or refund) is passed to our agents for processing, together with a conversion fee set by us. The exchange rate set by Mastercard, which will fluctuate continuously and without notice, is available from the following website If you use your card in a country which has not adopted the euro, the merchant may propose converting the amount of the transaction into euro before processing the transaction. Before you agree to this, the merchant must tell you any charges and the applicable exchange rate or reference exchange rate. The exchange rate or reference exchange rate used by the merchant may be different from that which would have been used by the Bank had the merchant not carried out the conversion.


For further information please see our Terms and Conditions for Corporates and Institutions.​​