Liquidity Management

In order to optimise your organisation’s liquidity you will need visibility, access and control of your funds. At Danske Bank we can help you realise these goals through our suite of liquidity management solutions. We offer both domestic and cross-border solutions supported by our Corporate, Institutional and International Corporate Banking team.



Our liquidity and interest management systems provide you with the following benefits:

  • Optimal account management
  • Optimisation of interest income and cost reduction
  • Complete real-time overview of Group liquidity
  • Optional cash concentration in various currencies
  • A more efficient balance sheet structure
  • Effective use of working capital

And with our online banking system Business eBanking, you will always have real-time information about the Group's net liquidity position and the ability to execute real-time transactions.

Services listed below might be subject to credit approval.​​​​​

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Account sweeping between foreign currency accounts to optimise interest positions can be even more difficult and inefficient than domestic interest management.

Danske Bank offers interest netting cross borders and currencies – a valuable supplement to our Cross-Border Cash Pool.

With our Multicurrency Interest Netting programme, you can optimise the interest positions on the credit and debit balances of all operating accounts with Danske Bank Group branches in Ireland, UK, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Germany and Poland.

How it works
For the purpose of interest calculation, all of your group's accounts are treated as a single account in a synthetic currency that you designate, and notional interest is calculated on the net amount. No physical transaction takes place. This is a simple, efficient way of reducing the margin paid to the Bank.

No tax complications
Our model ensures that the addition of notional interest complies with national tax rules. No interest is booked across borders, even though the calculation is based on account balances in more than one country.

Any liquidity management solution offered by Danske Bank must comply with local laws, tax regulations and central bank reporting requirements and we recommend seeking tax and legal advice prior to implementation.