Danske World Gate

The Danske Bank Group offers Cash Management services in a number of countries (as set out below) where we are not represented. Our agreements with other banks mean you can manage your collections and outgoing payments in even more European markets.

Danske World Gate enables you to

  • Open pooled accounts with foreign banks and access them in Business eBanking
  • Transfer amounts to your company's accounts in the Danske Bank Group
  • Receive account information in Business eBanking
  • Make your company more attractive to foreign partners, as debtors can pay locally.

Albania Croatia Spain
Belgium Luxembourg Czech Republic
Bosnia-Herzegovina Netherlands Turkey
Bulgaria Portugal Ukraine
France Romania Hungary
Greece Serbia, incl. Kosovo USA
Belarus Slovakia Austria
Italy Slovenia
China Switzerland

Choose the bank yourself – we can help with a recommendation
We are happy to recommend a partner bank, but the final choice is yours. All our partner banks meet our requirements for service and quality. In addition, the prices for basic services have already been agreed, so you can quickly get an overview of transaction costs.
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