Large customers thrive in Danske Bank

March 1, 2017

Danske Bank tops the list amongst the largest Nordic companies and institutions assessing which bank they are most satisfied with. It is the first time Danske Bank comes out with the highest average customer satisfaction ranking number for this customer category, as reported in the 2016 survey summary conducted by the Nordic independent analysis institute Prospera. The main reason for Danske Bank to take the first place is a fundamentally changed customer approach.

From primarily focusing on product sales, the bank has over the last three years organised around the customers with dedicated advisors and customer teams. Today, customers are experiencing much more coherent advisory and strategic counselling from Danske Bank compared to before, explains Head of Corporate & Institutions, Glenn Söderholm.

“We are extremely pleased to receive this sign of recognition by our customers. We have a strong and more complete coverage model in place, which ensures that we can provide the right overall advice. We have - and should continue to have some of the best solutions available on the markets - but they cannot stand alone. A holistic approach is high in demand these days, enabling us to be a better strategic partner,” he says.

Ambitions remain
The favourable position won in 2016 does not automatically translate into an equally favourable position also in 2017, however.

“We still have a lot of work ahead of us. We believe that we are going to see an ever increasing customer demand for strategic input related to their finances, but also when it comes to bringing new technologies into play and further exploiting digitalisation opportunities. We will continue to develop along those lines looking ahead,” Glenn Söderholm comments.

Corporates & Institutions (C&I) is one out of four business units in Danske Bank, responsible for approximately a third of the earnings generated. In C&I, business is earned through financial expertise and long-term customer relations.

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