About the Programme

Danske Bank Group places knowledge at the core of its Corporate Responsibility policy through a Financial Literacy and Education Investment Programme. 

Targeted at children, adolescents, students and young families, the Financial Literacy and Education Programme aims to prepare the ground for a healthy financial start to adult life.

In 2008 an educational website, www.moneyville.ie, for children from the age of 5 to 7 was launched.  In 2009, the Moneyville website was expanded to include 8 to 9 year olds. 

Moneyville emerged as a winner at the 2010 Digital Media Awards when it won the "Online Social Impact" award having claimed the "Best e-Learning Product or Course" at the same awards in 2009.

Control Your Money
In 2013, a new website, www.controlyourmoney.ie, was launched.  This site provides an online universe that lets 10-15 year-olds grapple with money and personal finance issues alongside their teachers and classmates. 

Control Your Money is designed to provide teachers with a free tool to teach 10-15 year-old children the ins and outs of money matters in an entertaining and interactive manner.

Both Moneyville and Control Your Money are completely non-commercial and do not link to the Bank’s website.​​​​​​

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