Foreign payments

You can make foreign payments to payees in almost any country in the world; the easiest way to do this is to use eBanking. You can transfer funds to your own accounts abroad or to other foreign payees. What’s more, you can send money to other EEA member states at no extra charge. You can make foreign payments to payees in almost any country in the world. 
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Foreign payments covers the following

European Communities Cross Border Payments
You can make a payment from one EEA member state to another.

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Account transfer - own account
It costs nothing to transfer money to one of your own accounts within the Danske Bank Group.
Read about Account transfer - own account
Account transfer - other account
All you need is the payee's bank details and account number.

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Foreign drafts
You can order an international drafts through eBanking or by completing an order form

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Incoming payments
You can receive payments from another EEA member state.

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General information
Find out all you need to know about making foreign payments.

General Information
SEPA Direct Debit
SEPA Direct Debit makes it easy for you to pay regular bills abroad.

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