Privacy statement and use of cookies on Danske Bank’s websites and in Danske Bank’s electronic self-service solutions

How we use your data when you contact us via our websites
If you ask to be contacted, send us an e-mail or ask for a brochure or the like from our websites, you may disclose your name and address, e-mail address, telephone number and other data. We use this information to process your request, and then we delete it. So your information will not be stored in a cookie.

This privacy statement explains how we at Danske Bank use the electronic footprints you leave when you visit our websites and use our electronic self-service solutions such as Danske Mobile Banking, Danske Tablet Banking, Business eBanking and Danske Bank apps. The statement also provides information about the individual cookies that you can accept and explains how to accept the use of cookies, how to revoke your acceptance of cookies, how to refuse cookies, and what to do to prevent your browser from using cookies at all.

Use of cookies on our websites
We use cookies on our websites and in our electronic self-service solutions. A cookie is a small text file used by many websites to track repeated visits by users. As an inactive file, a cookie cannot spread viruses or other harmful programs.

Cookies cannot be used to identify you personally. You should, however, read the following information about our self-service solutions.

Specific information about cookies in our self-service solutions
Our self-service solutions use session cookies to make sure that you can do your banking business. This means that you cannot use solutions such as Danske Mobile Banking, Danske Tablet Banking, Business eBanking and Danske Bank apps without session cookies. You cannot disable these cookies while using our self-service solutions, but they will disappear when you log off a solution.

We use cookie information only for ordinary operations and for the compilation of statistics that can be used for purposes such as improving our websites and adjusting user experience to your needs. We also use a few cookies for marketing purposes. We do not use data from cookies to obtain personal information about you.

Accept the use of cookies, revoke your acceptance of cookies or refuse cookies
The first time you visit one of our websites, you will see a message box about the use of cookies. If you click a link or a function on the initial page, you will accept the use of cookies. We will set a cookie on your computer to remember your acceptance. This cookie makes sure that we do not need to notify you on your next visit.

If you do not want to use cookies, simply click the No Thanks To Cookies option. We will set a cookie to remember your setting, and no cookies will be used on your next visit.

If you want to revoke your acceptance or cancel your refusal of cookies, you must delete the cookies stored on your computer. On your next visit, you will again be able to accept or refuse cookies. See below for information on how to delete existing cookies from your system.

Types of cookies
When you visit our websites, information is sent to us via cookies. This information includes

  • the Danske Bank pages you looked at and the date and time you looked at them
  • the browser you are using
  • your screen resolution
  • your operating system
  • which website users visited immediately prior to ours
  • your Java version

Name Type Where Why
s_cc Session Global Site Catalyst cookie, used for statistics tracking
s_sq Session Global As above
s_sv_sid Session Global As above
s_vi Persistent Global As above
cookses Session Operational status eBanking

Operational status Business eBanking
TNS Gallup tracking system that until recently was used for tracking alongside Site Catalyst. As we are no longer using TNS, the cookies have no function
cookon Persistent As above As above
cookie_testing Session Check your computer Used only for testing whether or not the browser allows cookies


Global It is used for job site CV database functionality
popupShown Persistent Global It is used to limit the number of times the segment popup is shown
customerSegment Persistent Global It is used to remember which segment the customer chose when presented with the popup
cookiesOn Persistent Global It is used to remember whether or not you want the site to use cookies
QST (third-party cookie) Persistent Local User survey
QSI_HistorySession Session Local User survey
QSI_SI_intercept Persistent Local User survey
C(third-party cookie) Persistent Local Marketing
cid(third-party cookie) Persistent Local Marketing
uid(third-party cookie) Persistent Local Marketing
mbox Persistent Local Improvement of content

Global and local cookies A global cookie can be set on any page on our websites. A local cookie is set only on a number of selected pages.

Session cookies:These cookies are set when you open your browser and last until you close it again. When you close your browser, the cookies will be deleted automatically.

Persistent cookies:These cookies last for a predetermined length of time and remain on your system until they expire or you delete them.

Statistics –Adobe Analytics: Danske Bank uses Adobe Analytics. This is a tool for performing statistical analyses. For privacy information, see the Adobe Analytics privacy statement.

User survey – Qualtrics (QST – third-party cookies): Danske Bank uses Research Suite and Site Intercept from Qualtrics. These tools are used for user surveys. For privacy information, see the Qualtrics privacy statement.

Marketing (third-party cookies) We use these cookies to monitor use across multiple pages. We may use them to build profiles that show searches made or pages visited. Anonymous data may be shared with third parties.

Improvement of content (third-party cookies) These cookies enable us to show the content that is most relevant to our visitors.

Delete cookies All browsers enable you to delete individual or all cookies at once.

The procedure for how to delete cookies varies from browser to browser. Remember to delete cookies in all the browsers that you are using.

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